1. Run from Docker-Image

1.1. Preparations

In order to run the VanillaStack Installer docker image, you need to have Docker or Crio installed. Please checkout related documentations to find out how to install them on your system

1.2. Download the Image

docker pull

1.3. Run the Image

docker run \
  --name VanillaStack-installer -d \
  -p 8080:8080 \

This exposes the container on port 8080 of your local machine (first parameter after -p) and connects it to port 8080 inside the container.

2. Run VanillaStack Installer

The installer can be found here: http://localhost:8080/

Or any IP/Port you have exposed the Docker container to.

3. API

The API definition can be found with the backend running on:

The definition is written in OpenAPI and can be tested on the spot.